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My husband and I moved to US almost 6 years ago as we received our
green cards. We are happy to be here and have already applied to become
My husband has a 14 years old daughter living in Denmark with her
mother. We wanted her to come stay with us but her mom didn't let her. Now
she is very ill and cannot take care of my step daughter. We are
terribly worried about her as she is alone most of the time (her mom is in the
hospital most of the time).

We sent her to the embassy to ask for a tourist visa so we could apply
for a status change here in US but unfortunately that request was
rejected so now she cannot enter the US anymore.
We are desperate and don't know what we can do in this case. We speak
with her on the phone every day and she asks us for help.
Is there anything we can do? Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.  

The only option seems to be waiting until your husband is a citizne and then having him apply for her green card whcih will take about a year from filing. The only other thing I can suggest to try and get the toursit visa through is to try and contact your Senator or Congressperson to write a letter to the Embassy on your behalf.



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