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QUESTION: I filed for my removal of conditional residency 4 years ago, and my case is still pending due to name check. Been here in the US for 6 years and been married to a US citizen for 8 years. Now my husband and I can't get along together, he always threatened be that his going to divorce me. Now my question is can he call the immigration and cancel my application? If we get separated and if I move to different states do I have to file again for my removal without him on it or just wait until we get divorce? And I will get my interview appointment is it ok if I'll go to my appointment without him since I will be moving to different States? Thank you so much for your help.
ANSWER: Dear Anna:
That is a long time to be pending for a name check. Are u sure that it is currently pending? Please double check the status of the case.

You can always file for a waiver to remove the conditions even if your husband divorces you. Recently the Immigration rules have changed, they require a divorce to file a waiver petition.

You would also need to collect documents to show that your marriage was bonafide. I would suggest that you consult an attorney for proper guidance.

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QUESTION: I asked the congressman and senator to help me to find out if what is going on in my case. The letter that they recieved from the immigration always said that my case is still in review or still in security check. I never got any letter for my interview. Last year when I went to get my passport restamp the officer told me that I'm eligible to file for US citizenship and I did June of 2005, I got an appointment letter for interview but 2 weeks before my interview I got a letter of cancellation and I never heard from them until today. What you think happen to my case?

Thank you so much for the help

Keep going back to the congressman's office and checking the status with the immigration office. You need to push them along to act on your case. That is the best thing that you can do. Or get a local immigration attorney who will be willing to get the immigration office to adjudicate your petitions.


Ramasamy Krishnan
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