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Hi Robert,
I am in F1 OPT expiring 07/16/2007. The
earliest effective date of H1B will be 10/01/2007.
To cover the gap while still working, I propose the following 3 approaches and would like to know if any
one of these will work.

1) May I get enrolled in a graduate program to maintain F1 and use CPT to work full time?

2) I got both M.S in statistics and Ph.D. in Math
in June 15,2006.  I am currently using Ph.D.'s OPT.
Is possible to use a 2nd M.S. OPT to get the gap

3) If the above two don't work, may I jump in
a position in academia anytime to get working
permission resolved. How long before should I
plan to get it covered smoothly?  

Thanks in advance


You can enroll in graduate program but you can not get additional OPT if you already used 12 months. The 2nd and 3rd option will not work. The other option is after your OPT ends 7/16/07, you are allowed a 60 day grace period. You can then go home before 9/16/07 and get an H-1 visa stamp in the second half of September and then return to set up for work on 10/1/07.



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