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My company would drop ship orders. Meaning a customer places an order online on my website. The administrator in India receives an intimation that an order is placed automatically. he places the order with the supplier online. The supplier then directly ships the order to the customer. No involvement on my part is required since every thing is done via emails and no one at my end in US has to intercept any items to be shipped.

My only contribution would be the owner of the company and everything
would be handled by the people in India (not even the directions to be
given because everything would be online nothing is done physically).

PLease advise

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Question -
The main market is in US. Besides the contacts for the suppliers will be US. Since the suppliers I contacted would not sell to a company with an address from India. Since the orders intended to be dropshipped, it would be more efficient to have orders shipped from US to US.

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I plan to open an LLC in U.S for an online shop. I am currently on H1B working for another company. The US law states that I can legally open a company in US, but cannot work for it or derive profits from it. Due to this restriction I intend to have all its operations be done from India by my brother and my parents. Even the profits from the sales will be banked in India. I will only be the company owner.
Can have such a business model where all my operations are out sourced. What are the caveats and what do I documents/forms would I need to file to carry out this plan.

I would really appreciate your expert response.
Answer -
Why do you need a US LLC if all operations will be in India?
Answer -
Who will you employ to ship the orders in the US?  Obviously, someone will be "working" and it cannot legally be you.  Since you cannot work, if you employ someone else, who will supervise and direct that employee?  Again, it cannot legally be you.  

I think you see the problem and my point.

You have a continual list of case specific questions.

You need to retain an attorney to advise you.  I cannot analyze a business model and determine if the legal structure and your role in the business fulfill US immigration, tax and corporate law in an online forum.  

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