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  Iam an American citizen(through Naturalization)
who married a Canadian citizen.My wife decided to stay and reside in the u.s. but financially became impossible. she was allowed in the states for 6 months but overstayed.we are now in Canada but when she tried to enter the u.s. she was denied and was banned for 3 years. her 3 years is almost up and my question is that will she be given a hard time at the border if we decided to go to the states to visit relatives?..should we explain our situation to the border officer? we also have a son who was born in the states (American Citizen).Will the border Officer question that also?...any help on this matter will greatly be appriciated..

I assume your wife over stayed her B-2 visa?  And if so, was she removed by Immigration?
As a citizen, you can go to the US embassey and file for a waiver for your wife (if she was removed by immigration).  WHy you haven't petitioned for her is beyond me.  Go to the embassey and get that done.  As far as your son he can come and go as he pleases.

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