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MY I-485 is based upon an I-130 (Sibling Sponsorship) At the time of my interview (i.e., for the I-485) the only issue that was raised which was vague was on my sibling i.e. the sponsor. Is there any reason why this case is taking this long, please advice. If my memory serves me right, the sponsor did not submit his citizenship at the time of filing the I-130 neither did I submit it at the I-485 interview. Could this be the reason, and if it is then why USCIS did not inform me. I made over 12 written inquires but never received a reply. What could be the problem here! What would be the reason for someone like my sponsor to  appear in-front a judge for citizenship. I am puzzled about this because only recently just few months ago sponsor gave me a copy of citizenship which is questionable and here is why. Picture on the citizenship did not comply with immigration policy, picture is full face and this was only change about two-three years ago. Citizenship was issued away back in the '90s.

Without knowing the exact contents and specifics of your case, I cannot assume what the problem is with your case except that you and your sponsor did not follow the procedures exactly.  I would suggest you physically go to your local CIS office with all your receipts and paperwork and speak to an adjudication officer.

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