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I would like to ask a few questions about the PERM.
1. How long is the usual process time for a PERM?
2. How much is the average price for applying PERM Through a
law firm?
3. Is PERM a necessary step for Green Card?
Thanks very much for your help.  

With recruitment the 1st part of the perm process takes about 6 months. The second step can take 2 weeks if you pay immigration an extra filing fee of $1000 - otherwise it takes about 6 months. Assuming you are in a category with a current priority date, the last step takes about 1 year. If you are illegally here and have no case pending with Immgiration before 4/30/01, you can not do thatlst step until there is a law change.

The average price for a Perm case from beginning to end is probably 4 to 5 thousand. Perm is necessary for most Employment based immigration categories.



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