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I am Us citizen and sent a request letter to US Embassy in India-Mumbai to kindly grant my parents a tourist visa to visit me and my family.  I also signed sent dully filled and signed Affidavit of Support form with all the requested paper work.  However, my parents were denied the tourist visa on the grounds that they would not come back to India and will stay over at US.

My parents when ask me why am I a citizen of a country who does not allow the parents to visit their own children, my heart sinks and I am speechless.  My dad is 73yrs and mom 69yrs old.  

Wonder if I have any option that can help to get them tourist visa.  It is very hard for me to build their confidence that there is a hope and please go for second time interview.  I need som help and wonder if there is any help out there.

Just in case, my email address is

Thanks for your time and input in advance.

Apparently your parents failed to prove they would not abandon their residence in India, or did not provide proof they had ties to India they were not willing to relinguish.

They can reapply for the B-2 visa but must prove they have no intention on abandoning their home in India and are only visting the US for a brief visit.

That being said, if you are a US Citizen why not petition for them as Immigrants?

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