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Robert thank you for taking my questions
here they are:- we as a family are all green card holders and currently live in Ohio, and are eligable to apply in Mar 07 for citizenship. However my eldest daughter is engaged to marry a guy living in Tampa in May 07. Can she go ahead with this after filing application in March, and if so then how do we go abouther moving to Florida ( here is what we have heard 1- that you cannot change states after filing without incurring extra costs & Delays, 2- if she went ahead and got married she would go to the "bottom of the pile" so to speak with the INS.) We want  to do the right thing and appreciate the advice.

Q no 2
I am considering taking a position in Mo that would cause me to move, and my other 2 children are wanting to stay in Ohio how do we go about filing our citzenship applications together so that we get this done right? I am concerned that if we file seperately in different states it might complicate matters we all received our green cards here in Ohio. will there be hidden costs attatched?

Thank you in advance

There is no requirement that all of you have to be living together to file for citizenship. It is an individual filing. Each person should file at the address they are going to be at for the next 6 months after filing, to give Immigration a chance to interview and approve your cases without an address change. If you move and notify them of the move after filing it causes delays to transfer you file to another ditrcit for interview. There is no hidden costs. The filing fees are $400 per person.



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