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I petitioned my soon to be ex wife in 2005 with her son. This year 2007 specifically January I filed for divorce. My questions are....

1. How can I withdraw my petition to her and her child?
2. She is supposed to file her I-751 this novemeber, will she get an approval if she does?

I have tried to withdraw the petitions but the USCIS and the NVC just keeps on making my letters go back and forth to them. PLease let me know. Thank you.

It sounds like your wife got her conditional card. Therefore, the I-130 can not be withdrawn. You can try to get it revoked but absent sound proof of fraud it will probably not be revoked.

For the I-751, she does not need your assitance she can file on her own with a copy of the divorce and the evidence from the time she got her consitoonal card until now.



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