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Immigration Issues/Problem with Income Tax question on I-864 Affidavit of support


I have a pending application for my wife to have perminant residence in the US. I was asked to provide an I-864. As part of this, I was asked to submit my last three years of taxes. What I found out was that on the tax returns for these three years, that my wife had declaired her income for a job. I also found that she did not have permission to work during that time. I see this as a possible problem. What should I do here? Should I omit the tax forms or should I submit them and risk trouble?

Also, if her petition is rejected could she be deported?

Would it be possible to post this question on the message board?

Immigration will not punish you or your wife for her working illegally. If you do not report enough income, you can actually use her income and she would sign an I-864A.

It is more important to Immigration that money is coming into the family and she will not be on welfare than the fact that she worked illegally. She is married to a citizen and they are not interested in deporting her.


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