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I'm a us citizen applying for my spouse in India. My case has been approved. I've a question about the i-864 form. According to 2006 Proverty Guidelines, the current 125% Proverty line for a household of size 2 is $16500.

Now does it mean that i should have earned above $16,500 for that last three years? This is what is stated on the 1040 forms

2003 - $14,235
2004 - $25,717
2005 - $31,201

Will have any problems when i submit my 1040 forms?

Please help.

To play it safe, you should provide the Embassy with a Co-sponsor, who would fill out an I-864 and provide proof of the last 3 years taxes, job letter and proof of U.S. Citizenship or green card. His income must be 125 % of the poverty guideline for his household plus your spouse for each of the last 3 years. If you can not get a co-sponsor you can supply your I-864 and hope that they do not give you a problem about 2003 income.



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