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I am pretty sure it is a 2 year. What would be the reprocussions of a divorce in both situations?

Hello, I have a somewhat unique situation and I am hoping for some assistance.  A foreign national that I met about two years ago on vacation is now in the United States and married to a US citizen.  She is not happy with the marriage and is thinking of divorcing him.  She already has a residence card and is waiting on the Social Security Card.  What would be the consequences that either of us would face i

If she has a greenc ard good for 10 years, she can get divorced, marry you and not need to do anything with Immigration.

If she has a 2 year card, she needs to get divorced and then file the I-751 form. She can marry you anytime after the divorce. Eventually she will get an itnerview on the I-751 where she will have to bring in proof of her 1st marraige from the time of being approved for the green card until they separated.



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