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Immigration Issues/Question dealing with illegal immigration


1. Has illegal immigration become a major issue in this country today?

2. Provided with large statistics of illegal immigration growth, is the boarder not as safe?

3. Is any of the illegal immigration problems that we see on the news true?

Such As:
-Disease Introduction
-Job Stealing
-Terrorist infiltration
-Drug trafficking
-Economic and governmental burden

Thank you!

Regretably, the news does not introduce all the problems associated with ilegal immigration.  The borders are worse in regards to security than they were 10-15 years ago.
Disease from third world countries is increasing dramatically, such as TB;
Terrorist infiltration does occur unabated
Drug trafficking is prevelant and more violent than ever on our borders
Economics - besides trade agreements outsourcing US jobs overseas, US citizens and legal immigrants also face losing their jobs to illegal immigrants at lower pay scale.
Then you add public housing, medical benefits, social services and gamit of other entitlements designed for legal residents not for illegal who are infact taking more than they are contributing, and I would say there is an incredible impact of illegal immigration on this country.

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