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Sorry David,
I meant Illegally by "Allegally".
I'm the Alien from Mauritania and she is an American Citizen. I entered with an F1 Visa and it has expired over 5 years ago. I'm currently out of status. Thanks

Subject   Filing G-325A
Question   I just married my girlfriend of 2 years and getting ready to file petition, AOS, and work permit, and advance parol all simultaneously. I had allegally worked 2 jobs under my real SS# and paid taxes. Would they check and investigate if enter N/A under SS# and a bunch of waiting tables & bartending jobs that paid cash? I'm affraid that the truth will cause a denial of my application. An Attorney had posted on a web forum that they did not extensively check. Please help, i'm really frustrated. Thanks in advance and God bless you.  
Answer   You need to clarify your question a bit.

Are you the alien or is she?

If you are, what type of visa did you enter with and when did it expire?
What country are you/she from?

I am not sure what "allegally" (no such word) means or that entire statement...or the rest of your question for that matter.
Try and be a bit more comprehensive with your information.  

Your background will be investigated, as will your use of social security number(s).  As you are aware, F1 students are not permitted to work in the US.  In addition there will be a thorough investigation of your marriage. That being said, your wife can still petition for you, you will be given a notice to appear (since you violated your status), but will be delayed pending approval of your visa petition.  You may be given authorization to work during the process PROVIDED YOU TELL THE TRUTH! One lie will get you booted out of the country in a heart beat.  Be up front with the reviewing officer.

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