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I have a friend (Canadian Citizen) who is employed (working under a work visa) as a nurse and also a student in the US (California).  She has applied for her green card and has had many issues trying to get it.  Ultimately she would hope to become a US citizen and apply for a US Passport. Needless to say at this point she does not have her green card.  Where the question and problem come in are she was planning on joining me (a US citizen) on a vacation to Mexico.  She would be flying.  Because she was unable to obtain the green card in time to get her US passport and with the new passport requirements for re-entry into the US we have a problem.  Is there any documentation that she can use other than a US passport to get back into the US from Mexico like her Canadian birth certificate, Canadian passport, and California Drivers Licence.  My other thought was if she crossed the border in Mexico by land then took a flight she would not need the passport.  Am I correct? But when she returned and tried to cross the border into the US would this be a problem for her? What are our options and what documentation would she need to provide?

First, your friend cannot obtain a US passport until she becomes a US Citizen.  Obtaining a green card does not qualify her for a US passport.

Second, she should have in her possession a Canadian passport with a valid US visa in it.  This will allow her to return to the US.

Third, she is not a national of the US and will need to meet the requirements of both Mexico and the US to enter either country.

Fourth, your intitial statement that she is a student AND working as nurse, indicates she could be violation of her non-immigrant status and if this found out when she attempts to return to the US, she could be excluded/denied entry into the US.

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