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Hi David,

I am currently have my N400 pending, and my company is asking me to travel for a business project. To make the matter more complicate, my N400 application have the disclosure about my past convictions and those were disposition through INS about ten years ago (I went through the whole removal process and resulted in my favor and proceeding was terminated and I was back to normal P.R. status). Last year, I went through the Green Card renewal process and took a cruise vacation and returned without any problem (before I filled my N400). My question now is: while N400 pending and given my past history and possible of denial of my N400, would that pose any danger if I have to travel during this time? Any other options?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

If your Permanent Resident status was not revoked and you have committed no other offenses, you N-400 application for naturalization will likely be approved.  You may travel as you normally would.  If you plan on being out of the US for an extended period of time, make sure you apply for a re-entry permit.  Keep in mind your requirements to qualify for Naturalization...please review continuous presence.

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