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My stepson was cited for 16 class b misdemeanors (max 6 mos jail for each) and one class a misdemeanor (max 12 mos in jail) for providing minors with alcohol then running around destroying mail boxes and church signs.  He pled guilty and was put on deferred adjudication.  Once having complied with the court's terms (restitution, fees, community service, etc.) all charges were dismissed with prejudice.  On advice of an attorney he acknowledged this on his I-751 and included the disposition documents dismissing the charges.  This, however, was not reported to NCIC.  But, the police reports are available.

Additionally, he had police contact in a neighboring town (domestic violence --- but, he was not arrested or charged) and a neighboring state (he removed his underage girlfriend from her house without parental permission --- but, he was not arrested or charged).  Further, he failed to file his AR-11 (change of address) on two occassions.

Will the USCIS find out about all of these things?  Is he likely to be detained when he gets his I-751 interview?  Will he be deported?

They know about anything where he was either arrested or fingerprinted. He must bring dispositions for any case where he was arrested or fingerprinted. The main issue at the I-751 interview is the bonafides of his marraige. Since it appears he has no convictions it should nbot be a problem.



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