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I am a resident legal alien and have been living and working in the US for nearly 17 years.  I am not really motivated to become a citizen, however my husband & I about to retire and are considering a move outside the US.  We have rental property here, and would visit regularly, but I am wondering if my resident alien status can be revoked if I spend more than 6 months of the year living outside the US?  What is the law on this?  Am I "safer" to become a citizen now, before leaving at all, so that I can ensure my ability to live & work in the US is never compromised?

As long as you make 1 trip a year here they can not take it away. But if you spend more than 6 months on a trip it can jeopardize your citizenship eligibility. If you do not care about citizenship, you can apply for a reentry permit that will allow you to make 1 trip every 2 years.



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