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I find myself in a bad place I'll keep it as simple as possible.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

-My family came to this country when I was 1y/o.
-Got my green card in '90.
-Card expired in 2000, Was in the military at the time ('98-02).
-Reaplied in 2001.
-Everything was going good, I was waiting for my appointment for fingerprinting.  
-Never recieved the letter for appointment.  
-Went to immigration office to inquire, told to wait another 3 months and I would recieve a letter w/ date of apointment.
-Two months later recieved a letter saying my application had been dismissed due to missing my appointment (which I never recieved notice of).
-At immigration office told they could reinstate my application but the process would be longer and more complicated than to start app. process over.
-I have bench warrant for a minor traffic violation that I am affraid to take care of less I be deported when, and I am affraid if I start application process over it will be denied or I will be arrested when the bench warrant comes up on computer.
-Except for when I was born I have never been to Mexico so I am afraid to be deported to a place I've never been and know nothing about.  
-I decided to retain the services of an imm. attourney, in the meantime any advice would be greatly appreciated

Please advise.

Take care of the minor traffic violation - you will not be deported.

You are a permanent resident - that is forever - only the card expires. File for a new card on form I-90 or file for U.S. Citizenship. If your parents became U.S. Citizens before you became 18, you are already a U.S. Citizen!!!



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