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I have filed a K1 to bring my fiance back into the country.  We have gone through all the steps and the interview and needed to file a waiver of ineligability.  While I am waiting for the decision I am taking care of our daughter alone and having financial difficulties. My mother is his sponsor because I don't make enough money, but they do have all my financial info as well.  Would it negetively affect the outcome if I were to go on federal or state aid. I am a single mother at the moment and made less than $10,000 last year.

Unfortunately I only have bad news for you. You can not go on welfare; Economic hardship is not enough to get he waiver approved; The waiver takes many months to adjudicate;

Why did he need the waiver - did he have a deport order or was he just here illegally for more than 6 months? Or was it both of the above?



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