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My name is Guy and I have a problem.  My girlfriend recently moved to the United States in May of 2004 from Antigua.  She came to the U.S. to become a lawyer.  But, since she's an immigrant without a social security number, she is forced to work as a babysitter.  This job doesn't pay much and the people she works for treats her like a slave.  They tell her to cook and clean for them.  Plus her job is 2 hours away from home and she gets off work at 9:30pm and she has to be back at work at 6:00am.  When I see her on the weekends, she tells me how hard it is and she's thinking about forgetting her dreams of becoming a lawyer and moving back to Antigua.  I heard that the fastest way for her to get a social security number is by getting married to a citizen.  I want to help her out so badly but I'm too young to get married and I only knew her for 4 months.  Is there anyway she can get a green card immediately so she could start working and pay for school in September?  

P.S. she's 23 years old.

I would need to review all the paperwork that she has and discuss the situation with her to say much for sure.  She really needs to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney since I can't even be certain whether she entered the US legally or not from the information that you provided.

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