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Hello Mr. Hollander,

Thanks a lot for you help.

Here is my situation. My wife (USC) and I have filed taxes jointly for the past 3 years. I know that my income cannot be used for sponsoring purposes since I wasn't authorized to work (I continued working after my EAD expired).

The only income listed on the tax returns is mine, my wife is in med school (no income).

In section 25 of the form I-864, do I still enter our 1040 reported income (AGI), even though it shouldnt be counted for support (or self-support)??

My concern is that I will be automatically listing income from my unauthorized work, by including our joint tax returns. Is this a problem? or should I not be listing the gross income (report her gross income as $0), but still include the tax return?

Also, my in-laws will be a joint sponsor, so I'm not worried about meeting the requirements, just what I should put in this section?

I really appreciate any answers or guidance. Thanks so much.

Thanks in Advance.

It is not true that you can not use your income. You put her income in the 1st part and fill in your income under household member's income and include it in the total. To be safe, you can  also fill out an I-864A. If you make enough you do not need your in laws to do an I-864.



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