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Hello, I'm writing on behalf of my boss.  His son married a Columbian woman who was here on a student visa.  They married about 6 months before her graduation.  There was a gap between college and when her first job would start, so my boss (new father-in-law) decided to be her sponsor and didn't carefully read the fine print.  Six months ago (after 1-1/2 yrs of marriage), right after he helped them with the down payment for a home purchase; she admitted an affair that had been going on for awhile and kicked her husband out. She still has a relationship with the other person.  She filed for divorce and the husband (sponsor's son) is back at home with Dad.

Her conditional greencard has another interview in a few months and the 2 years will transpire next March.

Finally, my two questions are:  
1) My boss needs to know if he can withdraw his sponsorship.  He only did it because he believed she was going to be a long-term family member.
2) If he can't end the sponsorship, will he only be responsible if she uses public benefits ... or is he also responsible for any personal unpaid debts such as mortgage, car loans, credit cards, etc.?

Thank you so much for your assistance.


Your boss will continue to be held responsible if she uses public benefits and not for the personal debts and like. Even in the case of public benefits, she will not be entitled to any as a "green card holder" especially so these days when governments are passing rules to prevent this from happening.

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