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Immigration Issues/Out of Status by 9/30/06 & Green Card


I am currently working under OPT, which is expiring by 9/30/2006. I joined the company on 7/17/2006 but unfortunately it was too late to apply for H-1B visa. My employer now is looking at the possibility to sponsor me for Permanent Residency application. Is it too late? Will 60 days grace period be counted as legal (or not “out of status”) to allow me more time to go through PERM, I-140 and subsequently I-485?  

Your employer can sponsor you for permanent residency HOWEVER your abilities, education, and need must exceed availability in the United States.  It takes YEARS for an employment based permanent residency status.  You will NOT be permitted to remain in the US out of status pending this possibility.  If you are out of status, approval of any petition on your behalf is remote at best.

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