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My I485 was filed to Nebraska Service Center more than a year ago in 2006.

I made an inquiry in Feb. 2007 and I got a letter, it says that “your (my) case is not ready for decision, as the required investigation into your (my) background remains open.”

I made another inquiry in the late April 2007 and I got an email, it says that “We (they) are actively processing this case. However, we (they) have to perform additional review on this case and this has caused a longer processing time.”

Then I went to the Infopass yesterday to check my status again, the lady told me that the screen shows the Name Check for me is still pending and let me send a G14 form to Nebraska Service Center.

I really don’t know what my status is.
Is it in FBI Name Check or in their additional review within USCIS?
What should I ask when I file G-14?
What else can I do to find right status on my I485?

Regardless of qny other issues int he case, it can not be approved until name check clears. Some of my clients are already clear at time of interview. Ohters have waited as long as 3 years fo rit to clear. No way of telling when it will clear but I would check every 30-60 days with infopass and then when it is clear you will find out if there is any other issues.



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