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Hi Alex:
I am an international student in Canada now. Now I am back in my home country
China now. I am just accepted by the Bausch college in New York City. So now I
have to find the best way to get my FL-1 Visa. I have B-2 Visa expire to Oct
07. I will go back to U.S. to take a test in Bausch College. But my Canadian
re-entry visa expire to May 10 O7. I want to know , if i go back to Canada , in
my case,will the VO consider i am tendency to stay in U.S. and denied to give
me the Visa. Or i could change my status from B-2 to F-1 in the U.S. Which way
is the best way to get my visa?  

You can apply to change from B-2 to F-1 but this is not a high priority filing witn INS and you can not start school until they approve the change.

If you process the visa in Canada, they can send you back to be interviewed in your home country. They are not required to process your visa applciation- only your home country is.



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