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Hello, my name is Arlene Graham.  I am an American Citizen married to an Egyptian immigrant.  He currently has an expired Green Card.  We have been separated for 20 months.  I hope to file for divorce as soon as my daughter and I full fill our residency requirements here in Oregon.  We have a 4 year old daughter together.

My problem is my husband has committed numerous acts of fraud including forging my name on tax returns for tax years 2004 and 2005.  He also claimed both me and our daughter as dependents even though we have not lived with him since Jan. 7th 2005.  

I have turned him into the IRS and opened a case against him with INS.  No one seems to be doing anything.  This man continues to make our lives difficult with his lies and scheming.  What are the penalties for forging my name on tax returns?  Can he be deported for that?  

I want to open a case against him if I can.  Neither the IRS or INS can give me any information or justice.  He has committed so much fraud since being in the US but I can only prove a little of it such as the tax fraud and having his accoutant forge fake paystubs so he could qualify for loans.  Most of his income was not claimed on taxes.

He was also here on an expired Student visa when he married me.  He never attended college in the US and lied to me about his Visa when we married.  I found out about the expired visa during the Immigration process.  I was already pregnant by then.

Thank you.

Expired green card?  He can apply for a renewal....HOWEVER if it is based on YOUR petition for him, and it is a temporary permanent residence card, you can withdraw your paperwork you submitted on his behalf.  So many US women fall into this trap.

Fraud and forgery are both deportable offenses.  Your best bet is filing with the local police in the area which you live for any crime committed against you, also file a restraining and protective order against him (also deportable violations if violated under family violence).  Go to your local ICE office of investigations with evidence of the fraud regarding immigration violations.  Keep up with IRS.

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