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I have a friend about to visit from the USA. She plans to return there after 6months and we are wondering how soon she will be able to re-enter the UK for a further 6months.

Thank you for your question.

In law there is nothing to stop your friend returning to the UK the same day. However she will need to demonstrate that she continues to meet the requirements of the Immigration rules. When looking at a passport, an Immigration Officer is likely to spot that your friend has recently been in the UK and therefore ask questions about how she can "afford another holiday so soon"

Providing she can prove she can meet the rules, she should be granted entry as a visitor. The more often someone does this, the more suspicious an Immigration Officer would become, and therefore the more questions would be asked.

I would suggest she travels with as much documentary evidence as she can to prove her bona fides. This could be things like return ticket, letter from work showing she has leave, proof of sufficient money to support herself for the duration of the stay, invitation letter from friends or relations in the UK, etc.

If there is a good reason why she needs to be in the UK for longer than six months, then she would be better off getting the appropriate permission from the British Embassy in the first place. Extensions can be applied for when in the UK, but are only granted if someone has "compelling compassionate" reasons for not leaving the UK. If either of these scenarios apply, then I would suggest you contact a registered Immigration Advisor (details can be found on our prices aren't as steep as some people might think!

If you have any further questions as a result of this answer, please feel free to ask another question.

Kind regards, and happy travelling to your friend.

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