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Dear Mr. Hollander,

How long is a tourist visa to the US good for before expiration?  Is a tourist visa good for a six month window? I have heard that there are 10 year tourist visas too? How it is determined which one is issued? My husband and I are expecting our first baby in May 2007 and would like to have his mother come stay with us for the birth and after for a maximum stay of 2 to 3 months. She is from Morocco. Checking the Dept of State website concerning tourist visas, it states that the petitioner must submit proof of financial support for the trip. If the support is coming from family, then submit this proof with your application. However, when checking the Casablanca, Morocco Consulate website, it says that they will not consider or look at any proof of financial support from family? How then will she be able to get a tourist visa, as my husband and I are her financial support? Should we send proof of our financial support to her to take to a tourist visa interview just in case they will look at it? I have emailed the consulate in the past with this question, but unfortunately did not get any response from them.  We really would like her to be here for the birth.  

The visas issued by the Department of State are usually good for 10 years multiple entry which means she does not have to go back to the Embassy for 10 years when she wants to come here. Each time she arives the Department of Homeland Security tells her how long she can stay, which is usually 6 months max per trip.

You should send her the I-134/ bank /job letter and tax return and she should bring proof of her intention to return home.



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