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Can INS provide special travel document or provide I-55 stamp on expired passport if I am approved on the AOS interview next week. I will have AOS interview next week. My passport expired. My country will not allowed renewing passport at oversea consulate. I will be given special one way travel document from my home country embassy good only back to my home country. I have family emergency. Therefor I hope I can travel back home right away after I pass the AOS interview. By the way, I had over stay more that 180 days in US. Please advise.Thank you

If they approve, they will provide you with an I-94/I-551 stamp. You can then travel to your country and renew your passport and then come back with valid passport and I-94/I-551. After you get approved, you can file for reentry travel document but that will take a few months to get approved. If you overstayed and did not leave and are married to a USC you can get your green card without a problem.



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