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I'm a Government employee having gotten a job offer overseas, which is generally a three year tour. My wife, German National, have just received an appointment for her biometrics (we only been married two years). I know we have to submit the documents on US soil, and that she can pick it up at the US Consulate overseas, my question is, since the travel documents is only good for two years, what do or can we do about the additional year/months I'll still be overseas?

A permanent resident must have a travel document for travel for more than 1 year and less than 2.  Unfortunately, she may need to return to the US and obtain another travel document.  Keep in mind a few caveats...I assume she is still a conditional resident, a I751 must be filed before her second anniversary (of conditional status).  Also, if she intends to naturalize, lengthy visits outside the US can have an impact on qualifying for naturalization.

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