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Hi!  Thanks for being available to help with immigration questions.
I have a question about the I-131 form.
My fiancee lives in Argentina and he just got his K-1 Visa stamped in his passport at the US embassy.  We will get married in the US on May 20th.  Immediately after the marriage I understand we must send in the I-485 for adjustment of status, along with I-765 requesting the work permit and the I-131 to request a travel documement.  Would we be requesting a Re-entry permit or advance parole?
Also, I saw there is an option for the travel document to be sent to the US embassy in another country instead of to an address in the US. If we send in all these papers after our wedding, and then travel to Argentina a month later before the I-485 was completely processed, would we be eligible for this option? We would like to go to Argentina for 2 reasons, one is for him finish up some paperwork and also to attend a friends' wedding, but only if we could reenter the USA afterwards.
Thanks again

He would apply for an advance parole - a reentry permit is for someone who is already a green card holder and wants to go out for more than a year. You must marry within 90 days- there is no requirement to immediately file the I-485 and in your situation you may want to hold off. When you file the I-485/I-765/I-131 it will usually take about 60-90 to get the parole 9depending on where you live. Once you file the I-485 he can not leave unlesshe gets the parole so you would not be able to go 1 month later. If you get married then leave then come back and then file, it may work out better for you.



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