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Hi, right now I don't have any visa.  We filed i-485, I-130, etc and right now I have work authorization from DHS.  my visa expired in 2001, it was F-1.  I got married in 2004, so for two years I was without a status.


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Question -
Dear David,  I'm wondering if you can help me with the issue me and my wife (she is the US citizen) have been pondering about.

We had our immigration interview (after 1.5 years of marriage) month and a half ago.  We didn't bring enough supporting evidence so they told us to come back in November with more evidence.

The problem is that -

1. We want to visit my family in Europe (Georgia) together for about a month in September.  That's how we had originally planned.

2.  I work for a film production company and my boss might want me to go to Canada for 3-4 weeks  this summer for film shoot.  

I'm wondering what can I do?  Would I be able to leave the country with my wife to visit my family and before that to go for film shoot in Canada?  How could I do it?  Would there be any implication at the second interview?  The interviewing officer told us that she wouldn't recommend me to travel before the second interview is not over, but she wouldn't explain why she doesn't recommend.  What could happen?

Thank you very much.


Answer -
What type of visa do you currently have and your current status?

Advice- Do not leave the United States until your status is adjusted to temporary permanent resident.  You are technically "deportable".  In otherwords, if you leave the US and attempt to gain admission, it will be denied.  Marriage to a US Citizen does not protect you at this point in the process.

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