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Immigration Issues/Trip to Canada with H1B and OPT holders


Our company, as a thank you for meeting exceptional customer demand, made reservations for a company paid 4 day cruise to Nova Scotia on Labor day weekend.  A few employees have H1-B and OPT status.  They are afraid they will not be allowed back in the US.  The H1-B holders are filing advance parole forms, but there may not be enough time.  The OPT holder cannot use this form.  What else can be done to allow them to join us and safely return?
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H-1s can not file for advance parole unless they have pending green card cases and even if they do they do not need advance parole.

If they already have the H-1 visa in their passports, they do not need to worry - they will not have problems. The F-1s that are in OPT period are fine also as long as their OPT period ends after their return date.



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