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My Wife was banned from entering the U.S. for 3 years due to overstaying, she is a Canadian Citizen and I'm an American.we are now residing in Calgary Canada ( I was approved as a legal  
canadian resident) but we are planning to go to the States to Visit my Parents because they want to see their newlyborn grandson.her 3 years ban is over so my question is, are we going to have a hard time with the "Border Entry" procedure since she had the record of overstaying?..Do we need to file for a specific document to make the trip less painful?.. as I said our intent is only to Visit but the Border officers might see otherwise.
what documents do I need to bring upon entry? I am an American Citizen ( Naturalization) and also just became a permanent Canadian Resident, My son is also an American Citizen. My wife and My other son are both Canadian Citizen.
any help regarding this matter is much appriciated, Thank you.  

Since she spent 3 year outside U.S., she does not need to file a waiver. She will probably be questioned at the border and they may ask for proof of her resding in Canada the last 3 years. I would bring proof of ties to Canada like property, bills and bank statements. If they are real jerks, they can tell her to apply for a visa before trying to enter.

It may be easier to have your parents visit you!



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