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Iam 29 and my wife is of the same age. We belong to India, and would like to migrate to any English speaking country preferably the USA. I am Government Officer by profession looking into basic administrative files and my wife is a housewife. I am an Arts Graduate but do not have any technical degree. However I do have a working knowledge of computers. I am fluent in English and my wife has a basic knowledge of the language.

Am I correct in assuming that people with the above qualifications settled in English speaking countries enjoy a better lifestyle, better standards and better financial position?

We have no knowledge whatsoever about immigration rules. kindly tell us in a comprehensive manner where we stand from the immigration perspective if we are eligible, the cost involved, the procedures, kinds of visas which we can apply, sponsors (if any) that we may avail including banks/companies willing to offer immigration loans etc.

Your reply will be appreciated.

-Rahul K Jaiswar

To tell you "in a comprehensive manner" I would need to send you a book!  Immigration laws are extremely complex.  I can't compare your lifestyle with that of similar people in the US sicne I have never been to India.  You certainly would earn a much higher income, but you would pay much more for nearly everything.  I have never heard of an immigration loan.  

For a detailed analysis of your situation, you need to retain an attorney.

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