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My husband entered illegally, was deported in 2000 (for no drivers lic.). We married here in 2004 and have a 10 month old baby. His appointment is in Ciudad Juarez, MX in one month for an immigrant visa. All of the petitions I've sent say "approved".
Is it possible for him to recieve a visa?
For repeat offenders of entering illegally it is a 10 year punishment to not come into the US again--correct. it possible to apply for a hardship waiver? Are they often granted?

Is there any LEGAL way to get him back here?

He will need a waiver of the deport order and if he was illegally in the country for more than a year at any point after 4/1/97, he will need a waiver for the 10 year bar for illegal presence. If he needs both waivers, he will not be issued a visa for probably 1-2 years (the time it will take to get the 2 waivers.)



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