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Thank you very much for your quick reply, however I may not have explained the situation clearly. She has applied not for a tourist visa, but for an immigration visa to be with her mother, but has been told it may take five years.
Also, how can I learn more about the visa application process?
Thanks again for your assistance.

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I have been corresponding with a young woman in Ukraine for some time. She wants to come to the US but we are unsure which visa to apply for. She has tried to get a visa in the past but so far without success. A guest or tourist visa might be difficult because her mother recently immigrated to New Jersey and she has no other relatives left in Ukraine except eldely grandparents (so she may not have reason to return to Ukraine). I have read that to get a fiancee visa, we must have photos of us together and other evidence of a relationship. She is presently a university student so a student visa might also be possible. Our main goal is to get her to the US so we can spend time together and decide how to proceed from there. Can you advise of our options and the best avenue for success in getting a visa. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
The fiancee visa is the best option, but before you can apply you must have met her in person, so you need to take a trip there. A student visa is not likely to work since she has been rejected for a tourist visa already. They have to have a good reason to deny the fiancee visa - it is like an immigrant visa.



Answer is the same - they will never give her a non-immigrant visa because they know she wants to stay with her mom who filed for her. That application will take years. Best way is to apply for fiancee visa. Look at the Immigration website at for information or hire a lawyer like me!



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