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I am married to US citizen for over 4 years and now we are expecting our first child. I wanted to invite my mother to visit us here so she can meet my baby when it arrives  ans so she can meet my husband's family as well.  She applied for  visa and was denied. The embassy  refuses to say what do they want as proof, they never explain why they refuse to issue visa. US embassy in Moscow, Russia is no longer accepting application, they make people send it thru Pony Express,  which of course collects very unreasonable fees and there is no alternative but to pay $50 so Pony Express delivers application which is located in the same city! They also collect $100 fee for  visa application processing, which is also non-refundable. And after all they  don't take time to  explain why they deny a visa. With all this there are several people who stays outside the embassy and they offer visa services  for $5000 and THEY GUARANTEE that visa will be issued.  
I am looking for an advice since it is very important for me to have my mother here so she can meet her newborn  grandchild. Is there anything we can do to make this possible (besides paying $5000)? I have found form I-192 (Application for Advance Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant) Can this  help or  this form can not be filed in our case?

Thank you

Not knowing your mother's history, I cannot answer why her visa was denied, HOWEVER, IF she went through the US Embassey to get a visitor visa, she would have been provided an explanation.  The most common reason for refusal is not being able to prove your mother had no intention on abandoning her home residence.  SHe must prove that in addition to how she will be able to afford expenses in the US, have a round trip ticket, etc.  OR she had visited the US before and had violated the terms of her visa in some manner.

Regarding the "Guarantee" for $5,000...that is a scam, you will end up losing $5,000 and your mother will be returned on the flight she arrived on as an 'Exclusion' (same as a deportation)

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