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Greeting to greatful for your work,i have an American Boyfriend..last year i wanted to go spend the christmas holiday with him and meet members of his family but when i applied for the visa i was denied the chance b'se they claimed i lacked strong ties...what are these ties,at the moment i can't fill him on my visa application as either my fiance or husband so the only relationship we have is him being my Boyfriend,we have met and know each  other pretty well and want to keep from uganda,kampala.then the other question..we are planing to apply for a fiancee visa..what are the requirements and how long does it take to mature.....?thank you and God bless you.

so much to ask but will do that after i hear from you.

I think the ties that they are looking for are ties to your home country, not ties to your boyfriend.  To grant a visitor's visa the consulate must be convinced that you will return to your home country after the visit.  The more you emphasis your ties to your boyfriend the less likely this appears.  You may have already done irreparable damage to any future application for a visitor's visa.

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