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Hi. I am a US citizen currently living in Egypt. I married my husband in 1997 in the USA but at the time he was illegal and I was unable to apply for adjustment of status because I wasn't a citizen yet.Then in 1999 the Clinton administration passed a law that anyone illegal was to leave the country until they could adjust their status. Since I had already applied for my citizenship we decided that it was better for him to go back to Egypt and once my citizenship was final I would reapply for him. I submitted the immigrant visa application to the US consulate in April 2004 even though I was a citizen since December 2000. We were honest and told them the whole story and that he entered the US illegally in 1994 and that he left on his own in 1999. So they said we have to submit a waiver application and fingerprints that are then submitted to Dept. of Homeland Security in Athens, Greece. Since we submitted the application in June 2004 we haven't received any word as whether it was accepted or not. I tried calling the Athens office and they told me it still waiting for adjustication which could take a couple more months. I am at a point where I really have to leave beause of my kids sake and I just don't know how. Thank you for your time and I wish you could give me some advice.

It probably was a MISTAKE for your husband to leave the US.  He has now triggered a 10 YEAR bar on reentering the US and for a waiver he needs to show hardship to a US Citizen spouse or child and this will be difficult to do since you have voluntarily relocated to Egypt.

You need the assistance of an immigration attorney to determine if there is any way around the situation and this analysis is far beyond what I can do in this forum.

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