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Immigration Issues/Way for UK citizen to live legally in US with bf/fiance legally


She is currently just a UK resident and visits on the 90 day visitor visa that shes allowed as per the US governement. I was asking if there was a way for her to stay longer than 90 days at a time.

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I have been dating a UK resident for some time now and she wished to come live with me in the US while she goes through internships/volunteering and if possible working. We are not currently engaged though I have considered it deeply and just wish not to rush it. Is there a way she can live in the US legally and work/study without marriage or do we need to be engaged or married before she can do so?
How about explaining her current status, visa, and term.

If she wishes to work in the US, an employer must be willing to petition for her under an H1 visa.  If she wishes to study, she can appoly for an F1 student visa.
Under no circumstances can she work in the US as a visitor.
I would suggest you file for a fiance visa, which when approved, you will have 90 days to get married.  At that point she may adjust her status while you petition for her.  Then she will be permitted to work and stay in the US while your petition is pending.

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