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Immigration Issues/Wife's H-4 Visa under AAP 221(g) blue slip


My wife recently attended the chennai consulate visa for her H4. The consulate officer told her to get her name updated in the passport to reflect my last name so that he can issue a visa and gave her a 221(g) and wrote on the slip to have an observation made in the passport regarding this. The question(s) I have is:
1. How long does it take for my wife to get the visa ( a ball park figure is fine since I need to file some additional paperwork which I cannot do without her physical presence here.
2. The Consulate officer saw my 797,129 and other documents and is ok with them but the 221(g) blue has these forms prepopulated. Does my wife have to drop those documents too? I am not very comfortable if she has to drop the originals as I am in US now. What do you suggest us to do?

1) I do not know, it depends on the chennai consulate's processing times.
2)I do not understand what "221(g) blue has these forms prepopulated"  means. Assuming that you wish to know whether you should submit the originals or not. Besides the I-797 everything else is a duplicate. So submit the requested documents all over again with a copy of the I-797. Please note my advise is based on what you have stated, so you need to take a look at the 221(g) and make your decision.

Having said that, the consulate's request is ridiculous, spouses are not required to have their last name changed after marriage, if they choose not to do so.


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