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Hi Mr. Hollander, I'm writing you on a most important matter.  My father met a woman from China online, they talked for about 6 months I guess and then she came to visit.  After spending a week together, they decided that she would come back in a few months for good.  Not long after coming back my father got married to this woman, last August 2006, they went to all the interviews to get her citizenship and green card going.  Since the last interview, things have been in a steady decline, she's much different, mean spirited towards my 67 year old father, she yells at him for anything, and he has finally come to the realization I've had all along.  We think she is using him for money and citizenship.  My question is, what now?  I know that marriage for citizenship is illegal, but he honestly had the best intentions and I don't know how it could ever be proved on her part.  They haven't been married a full year even, what can be done?  What would happen if he filed for divorce tomorrow?  I'm very concerned for my dad, as he has savings, retirements, stocks and what not.  And frankly, she scares me, she is unstable.  She gets very angry with him if he is on the phone with any of us kids, he's got 5 daughters - I'm the youngest, but she throws a fit and storms out of the house.  While they were at my sisters for a visit, this woman would go into rages and try to take a bunch of blood pressure pills in front of my dad.

Please help, what are our options?  How long do they have to be married for her to remain a citizen and keep her green card?  He's on a limited income, he's retired - so I hate the thought of him having to give her a dime in a divorce.  And they haven't been married long at all.  She doesn't work..

Please help!

Thank you!



Did she get her 2 year conditional card or is her case still pending? If she has the 2 year card, she does not need him to remove the conditions in 2 years - she can file on her own and give evidence from the time she got her card until she left him. If she has not been approved/received her card, filing for divorce will end her case and she will not get approved.

As far as the diovrce issues I would recommend asking a matrimonial lawyer.



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