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Hello, I'm Jonathan, and I came to the united states when I was 17. Entered with a visa in march 2002.  I never went back because my family in Guatemala was not willing to support me.  So I decide to stay, now I'm 21 and I am americanized. I speak english 24/7 and I am learning french, and know spanish since it's my native language.  I really like this country, it's just that I know I have to undergo certain processes to become legally american.  And I was wondering if a person I know who owns a bussiness selling vehicles could claim me because he has told me that I would be essential to the company, and that he would hire me if I had the way to work.  He needs someone who can speak, write and edit in spanish, and also in french for the haitian and african community.  Therefore I would like to know if there is a possibility of me being claimed and then obtain at least a work permit.
Thanks for your time.  

You are in a very bad situation.  The laws have changed and there is just about no way of getting approval to stay in the US when you entered legally or overstayed a visa for more than a year.  The only exception to this is marriage to a US citizen.  If this is the route you choose to take then think long and hard about it, and make sure you take it seriously. I see more problems in people getting married for the wrong reasons than anything else.

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