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Yes, Iīm looking to go there and work, preferentially with graphic design, in which Iīm reasonably skilled, once I create CD covers and art.
If this turn out to be impossible, I intent to work on any job which will allow me to make a living.
I also intent to start a small business (music CDs sales online). I can take advantage of buying the merchandise in Brasil (where I live in) and sell it in US. The difference of prices of purchase and sale can make the activity profitable enough.
Currently I canīt afford to it, tough.

Thank you
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Dear mr Hay,
so sorry for my English. I didnīt meant falling in love with someone IN US, I meant falling in love with the country itself, in a metaphorical sense. In short, someone who definitively wants to legally move to the country and live there...
Whatīs the fastest, safest and most reliable method to being allowed living in US? Have I made myself clear? Sorry again and thanx again.
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Dear mr Hay,

an entry level query: one who has obtained the tourist visa, falls in love with US and wants to obtain the permanent visa.
Whatīs the fastest, safest and most reliable method to do it?
For a while, letīs keep apart from asking for asylum or marrying an US citizen.

Thanks a lot
Answer -
There is no way of getting a visa based on a relationship to a US citizen other than marriage.

Good luck.
Answer -
Well this depends on what you are looking to do.  Are you looking to come here and work?

Make an investment?

If so, how much?

Do you want to start a business?

What country are you from?

OK. It is clear that you have not taken the time to inform yourself about our immigration laws.  And this forum is not appropriate for such a broad request.  The answer would be quite complicated and lengthy.

However, to put it simply, you just don't get a visa because you want to come to the US.  You need to have either a family relationship, a qualified job offer, or an interest in starting a business in the US.

For Brazil, the business approach is possible but not as easy since there is no Bi-lateral Treaty.  But if a Brazilian company wants to start a US business operation, under certain circumstances, the company can transfer employees over to the US operation to manage the business.  That is how my brother-in-law got his Green Card (and he is a Brazilian too!).  But it took a lot of work on his part, and a considerable amount of money.

Good Luck.

Alexander J. Hay III

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