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my 194 will be expired on june 10 and i was admitted last dec11, i am from the philippines. i have multiple tourist visa
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hi, i am having a vacation here in the united states at los angeles california. and i am planning to go to canada for a week. i am staying here for quite sometimes, my friends and relatives does not have any time to take me out in different places the reason that they are busy at work. and my i94 is almost expired. if ever i go to canada for a week and go back to the united stated in the east coast like in new york will my 194 be able to be extend or will be given a new 194? i wish to extend my stay here but the lawyer i asked told me that 99.9% chances are it will be denied. can you help me? what are the best way so that i can extend? anyways i know someone that went out of border going in tijuana, and he was stopped by the immigration he is now 2 weeks there, why does these things happen?
Answer -
What country are you from?
What type of visa do you have?
When was your date of admission?
What date does the I-94 expire?

As far as your friend, obviously he failed to abide by the terms of his admission or he was inadmissible.  

Foreign nationals who enter the united States are responsible for adhering to the terms of admission and the consequences if you don't.

If you have a multiple entry B2 visa and as long as you can prove that you can support yourself in the US and that you intend to leave, you should be able to get an extention or a new admission when you return.  However, stop at your local CIS office for guidance.  Since I do not know your circumstances (thoroughly), I cannot assure you that you will be readmitted.

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