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Thank you so much for such a fast answer.Why is taking so long to do everything for my case when i know so many people that they get the green card in 2 weeks? And now after i'll recive mine it wll be for one year or permanent?I have to go to another interviu or that's will be it? I applied for an advance parole and recived yesterday,can i travel to my country and return without problems? thank you again and your answers were very helpfull with respect Sorin

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hi i had my interviu with my wife for adjustment of status in 20 january 2004 and the oficer sad that everything was ok but she have to wait for the finger printer to get in her or their sistem so from than to now no answer back. I had a couple of info pass to the immigration and they keep telling me to wait.Two weeks ago they sad that my finger ptrints are ok but now have to wait to clear my name.I am sick of waiting what else can i do? Thank you so much

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Nothing you can do but wait for name check to clear. Immigration will not approve your case until they get response from other federal agency that your name check is clear. You can file a mandamus action in federal court to force them to give you a decision but that will cost you a few thousand dollars to pay a lawyer to do it.



Some name checks clear quicker. If you are married more than 2 years when they approve it you will get 10 year card. If you are married less than 2 years at that time you will get a 2 year card. If you have not overstayed your time in the U.S. before filing for adjustment you can go with parole paper. Otherwise, I do not recommend traveling until approved.



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