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My daughter recently married a citizen of Trinidad who is in this country illegally.  He came on a visa as a child but it expired in 1999.  They are in the process of applying to change his status.  My daughter's salary is not high enough to  be considered for the affidavit of support.  Her husband works, but it is off the books and cannot prove his income.  She has asked us to sign the affidavit of support on his behalf.  Can you give me any information on how this would affect us?  What are we agreeing to if we do this?  What can we be held liable for?  Is there any way he can prove that he can support himself based on his off the books income?  Thanks for any help you can provide.

You are agreeing for the next 10 years to reimburse the governemnt if they give him public assistance.

IRS will take money from anyone. He could apply for a taxpayer ID and pay his taxes based on the income he earned. Rahter than say he is off the books, he would treat the income as a independant contractor of his employer. Once he filed the taxes, he would add that income to your daughter's I-864 form.



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